Construction of Villa Gardenia Urb. El Paraiso, Estepona.

Rugue builds in Marbella a luxury villa situated in Urb. El Paraiso.

This colossal building is the result of his best efforts. First of all, the height of the entrance is impressive and is enhanced by the enormous wooden cladding that leads into the interior of the house.

Secondly, hospitality is guaranteed in this villa. With numerous rooms in which not even the best of hotels can provide the comforts that its different rooms offer its guests.

Finally, paying special attention to the lighting, its uneven shapes and impeccable finishes make this villa a piece like no other. In addition, an important green garden and a beautiful swimming pool complete the preferences of any self-respecting dreamer.

Type of Construction: Private Villas.
Property – Developer: Private customer.
Location: Urb. El Paraiso (Estepona).
Architect: Javier Martínez.
Technical Architect: Miguel Ángel Martínez.
Execution: 2018-2019.
Term: 12 months.