Construction of Villa Serenity in Urb. Sierra Blanca, Marbella

When it comes to luxury villas in Marbella, Construcciones Rugue is characterised by the spectacular and originality of its buildings. Proof of this is the present construction of this villa, which reaches its climax in its large façade, which is not typical of the classic Spanish houses. Thus, this house welcomes the visitor into a universe of square and rectangular structures and large windows.

And, of course, the house is complemented by a huge garden with a swimming pool. And backed by lush vegetation and mountain scenery.

TYPE: Villa Privada.
PROPERTY-PROMOTER: Cliente particular.
LOCATION: Urb. Cascada de Camoján, Marbella, Málaga.
ARCHITECT: Javier Martinez García.
YEAR: 2013-2014.
TERM: 12 meses.