Construction of Villa Serenity in Urb. Cascada de Camoján, Marbella

If anything characterises Rugue, it is the spectacular and original nature of their buildings. Proof of this lies in the present Villa “Serenity” whose highlight is its grand facade, uncommon in classic Spanish houses.

As such, this house widely receives visitors and immerses them in a universe of square and rectangular structures and large windows.
Furthermore, as it could not be any other way, the house is complemented by an enormous garden with a pool, backed by lush vegetation and a mountain landscape.

TYPE: Villa Privada
PROPERTY-PROMOTER: Cliente particular
LOCATION: Urb. Cascada de Camoján, Marbella, Málaga
ARCHITECT: Javier Martinez García
YEAR: 2013-2014
TERM: 12 meses