Construcciones y Cimentaciones Rugue was founded 40 years ago as a specialized foundation and structure business. Ever since, we have been growing and evolving, adjusting to market needs and acquiring broad experience in single-family homes, buildings and civil engineering structures. Now we can say that the work we have carried out so far is the best proof of our performance.

We have a special department made up of several teams who perform this service from end to end: from drafting the project, calculating the foundations for a new building, conducting the studies required to underpin work because of pathologies or extensions and, lastly, the actual execution of special laying of foundation.

Our experts carefully consider all the variables that may affect the quality of the building, as we will only meet our customers’ quality expectations by applying strict controls.

  • Reinforced Concrete Structures
  • Soil Retaining Walls, Basement Walls.
  • Foundations.
  • Structure Reinforcement and Consolidation.
  • Levelling, digging, backfilling and compacting land.
  • Underground and above ground tanks to store and/or treat liquids.
  • Slabs and reinforced concrete slabs.
  • All kinds of slabs (one-way, reticular, alveolar deck, mixed, solid).
  • Installers of tower cranes.


construcciones rugue servicios llave en manoWe are always in contact with our customers and other people involved in the work to guarantee that the work is carried out smoothly.
construcciones rugue servicios llave en mano
Since its start all those years back, RUGUE has been building all types of dwellings without interruption. Now, its star buildings are luxury villas.
construcciones rugue servicios llave en mano
Rugue Constructions has a large team made up of engineers, architects and technicians to closely monitor all the stages of the building project. From viability studies to the actual building and property development.
llave en mano rugue


Estudios de viabilidad a la fase de construcción y promoción.

Commitment to the Customer

Es una empresa comprometida a satisfacer el bienestar de sus clientes. Uno de los pilares para conseguirla son nuestra relaciones sinceras, incluso familiares, en el constante seguimiento del desarrollo de las obras junto con la intención personalizada

Trust and Transparency

We are always in contact with our customers and other people involved in the work to guarantee that the work is carried out smoothly.  

Human Team

Our highly qualified human team can fully meet our customers’ demands.

We meet the deadlines

Tenemos claro que trabajar bien no es suficiente, sabemos que además hay que hacerlos cumpliendo los plazos y las expectativas marcadas.