Studio___ Construction in Malaga, Marbella and Ronda.

Transparent model of costs, administration and execution for your building project


We have a highly qualified architects' studio where we take care of every point to develop, offering exclusivity in each project.

Our priority is the satisfaction of the client, to whom we listen and advise. From there, Rugue does the rest, organising everything necessary to make their dreams come true.



We have a highly qualified architects' studio where we take care of every point to develop, offering exclusivity in each project.



Rugue specialises in the construction of luxury villas. For its execution, our construction company bets on the best qualities of the market offering excellent finishes.


Building Rehabilitation

We have the ability to carry out the rehabilitation of any building. Homes, hotels, premises... nothing can resist the tenacity and talent of our team.



Construcciones Rugue has a large team of engineers, architects and technicians that allows us to control all stages of your construction project. From feasibility studies to the construction and promotion phase.


  • Designing and drafting the architecture project based on your tastes and needs.
  • Requesting and paying for the necessary permits from the Public Authorities.
  • Work supervised by a Master Builder and Architect in charge of the building work.
  • Environmental monitoring.
  • Budget monitoring.
  • Tests on materials.
  • EBasic health and safety study.
  • Steps to obtain the First Occupancy License.

  • Safety coordination.
  • Building work.
  • Energy performance certificate.
  • Waste management.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Final certificate.
  • Handing over the keys.
  • Marketing and sales.

Some of the most important benefits:

  • You spend less time, effort and resources on the work because you don’t have to coordinate the different people involved (suppliers, installers, regulatory bodies, administrative legalizations, etc.).
  • The amount of the investment is known beforehand and helps you reduce the financial risk of unexpected expenses.
  • The time is also set from the start, which means you can meet your time commitments as you count on a specific deadline.

Construction of single-family homes in Malaga, Marbella and Ronda.

Commitment to the client

It is a company committed to satisfying the well-being of its clients. One of the pillars to achieve this are our sincere relationships, even family relationships, in the constant monitoring of the development of the works together with the personalised intention.

Trust and transparency

It always works in constant contact with its clients and with the other agents involved in the construction process to ensure perfect harmony in the development of the work.

Meeting deadlines

It is clear to us that working well is not enough; we know that we also have to meet deadlines and expectations.

Human resources

Our highly qualified team is capable of fully satisfying the demands of our clients.